The Best RAID Recovery Options Available

testrecoveryopRAID (redundant array of independent disks or formally, redundant array of inexpensive disks) is a method of organizing and categorizing computer data into a storage system that utilizes multiple disks or drives. This is meant to both store your data but also to improve the function of your computer as unnecessary data is organize more efficiently. RAID is a performance enhancer for your computer and is organized into more than 7 different levels based on file priority. In the event than more than one of the RAID drives fails, recovery options are available and the hard drive should be addressed immediately.

Recovery of RAID can be done manually at-home however a moderate knowledge of hard drives and the specific way RAID functions is necessary. If you don?t quite understand the algorithms of parity positioning that structures the way RAID works it’s best to contact a specialist. Several companies exist that specialize in RAID data recovery and will retrieve lost data from the disks themselves. With the majority of these companies, the damaged media (hard drives or disks) are shipped by mail to a location and then shipped back or picked up by the customer after 1 or 2 days.

RAID recovery services are offered by:

  1. Hard Drive Recovery Group is an online company that claims to be the utmost experts in RAID data recovery. What makes them unique is their investment in research and development which emphasizes the expertise of the company?s technicians. Not only are they dedicated to research and computer technology but they have handled cases from large, international clients. They have dozens of locations throughout North America and guarantee that if your data cannot be retrieved the recovery fee will be waived.
  2. Crucial Data Recovery is also an online company that, unlike most other companies, displays their service fees on their website. They outline their repair process for potential customers and do not charge diagnostic fees making them more affordable. They also claim to hold the highest success rate in the industry and won?t charge if that data cannot be recovered.
  3. Secure Data Recovery is an online based company that deals with recovery based on the RAID level that was lost by accidental deletion, file corruption, hard drive malfunction, physical damage and more. They are available in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia but require that you mail in your damaged hard drives or disks for them to access. They offer different recovery services for each level of RAID data lost and are able to recover data within 24 hours in some cases. They also guarantee that if your data cannot be retrieved the fee will be waived, eliminating any risk.
  4. Hard Disk Recovery Services is another company that recovers lost data in 1 to 2 days and thrives in emergency recovery situations. They have been authorized by various computer manufacturers so the company’s abilities are validated and are even recommended by manufacturers as well. Their server experience is unmatched, and their specialty is emergency data recovery services.

Regardless of which data recovery service you choose, every single company urges customers to act quickly before further damage can be caused. They caution against attempting to perform the repairs at home because once the interior of the hard drive is exposed to the environment of a typical home it can become damaged beyond repair. Unless you have a thorough understanding of the computer hard drive and its functioning, trust your RAID data recovery to the experts.


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