Ensuring Your Customer Service Is Golden

A company that is able to use its help desk as a means of getting in touch with the needs of its customers will usually reap several advantages. The help desk is the point where these customers will refer their problems or other concerns to the company. They sometimes involve urgent matters which the customer may need to have addressed as swiftly as is possible. The manner in which such issues are addressed may improve on the reputation of a company or even sunder …

How Advanced Is Hyperspectral Techology?

I tend to read a lot about tech in general, and certainly the folks at Tigerdirect know that I likes my gadgets. I’ve always been a proponent of actual usable tech, and so naturally I read with interest this article, which claimed that Hyperspectral Imaging is the future. That we’ll see it being used everywhere. That we can expect it on our telephones soon. That there really won’t be an end to its applications.

comparing-multi-hyperTo that, I say: have you heard of nanotechnology? …

Dylan Who?

With its rumored plan to create a new programming language, Microsoft invites software developers to take a fresh look at corporate programming requirements, now that we’ve had time to reflect on Java’s pros and cons.

With programming languages, my inclinations are known. I believe that hardware gets faster more quickly than programmers get smarter and that next year’s chips will boost software performance more reliably than this year’s coding tricks.

Performance is better pursued by algorithm refinements and user- interface improvements than by riding

Using A Brand In Your Stories Can Be Touchy

uabysStephen King does it. Jay McInerney does it. Raymond Carver didn’t do it. Jane Austen did it, but not often. Judith Krantz can’t stop doing it. William Gibson does it, but with a twist. Mary McCarthy did it, but not as much as you’d expect. Jean Auel never does it, but only because it would be impossible. Judy Blume does it a lot.

“It” is the use of brand names from the author’s contemporary world, incorporated into the world of his or her fiction. …